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    Big birds; little packages!    

Welcome to We have a passion for Budgies—the world’s biggest bird in a very small package. Budgies are cool! Don’t believe us? Consider the following facts: 


Budgies can fly for more than 250 miles per day

in search of food or water in the Australian Outback 

Budgies are extraordinarily intelligent--a budgie named Pluck

is the world record holder of vocabulary with 1,728 words 

Budgies can see a storm from 40 miles away

and see ultraviolet colors that humans can’t see

Budgies are extremely social animals,

forming flocks as large as 10,000 birds

Budgies are of the smallest birds you can own as a pet

with a length of seven inches and weighing in at just 30-40 grams 

This site was developed to provide detailed information about the care of pet budgies. We hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to contact us with suggestions or feedback!

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